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char viorea

Char Viorea, is 22 year old Singer-Songwriter born & raised in Toronto. She is a Toronto based R&B/Soul artist who has loved singing, music & sound all her life. Growing up with the idea that music could never offer a “practical career” she put off diving into the art up until she graduated college. Later, deciding that what she went to school for wasn't something she wanted do for the rest of her life, she decided she needed to manifest her own dreams of becoming a singer.

From writing poems to transitioning into songwriting, she began writing more & connecting with producers & people who had knowledge about music. Now, working on writing, creating/finding a sound herself for 4 years she’s released two singles (“Brown Skin” under old stage name “CHARLENÉ” back in July 2018, & “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” released in December 2018. ) & has performed at various local Toronto events. More music & visuals are yet to come this summer & this year, as well as an acoustic version of, her latest single, “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”